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March 08, 2015


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Thank you for the shout-out on Stumptownblogger!! WOW! Craig Klein and John Karlik have been with Tebo's nearly continuously since the '70s and as the "new" guys are amazingly now 10 year owners. They strive to continuously improve the experience for their customers building on the strong foundation established by Gene & Joe, and then, Ted & Bob. A tradition built by generations of loyal and new customers. Thank you again for recognizing the value Tebo's brings to our Eastside community.

I worked at the one in King City for almost 6 years. Thanks for posting.

Our family are on the 2nd Tebo's generation. We love Tebo's. LOVE IT

Pies can't be beat by anyone. Dave is right about the shortcake, its delicious and always great, especially this time of the season

Our family members were regulars until we moved away from Beavercreek in 1991...Tebo's is a must-stop for any of us or the grown boys and their families when visiting the old stomping grounds. There is nothing like the Tebo's experience down here in Arizona...

Blast it...now I'm craving Tebo's strawberry shortcake...aauugh!

I could be wrong, but don't I remember a westside version of this restaurant in the Burlingame area. I'm thinking it was on the corner of Barbur and Moss. Kind of an upscale, local version of Denny's.

The BESt Strawberry Short Cakes. Wish they had a KISN Size!

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