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March 30, 2015


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Kathy Smith is probably the best anchor to ever work Portland TV. Not best female anchor -- best anchor period.

You are on the money with your assesment of Kathy Smith. She was the best.

JIP: for once I agree with you that's the first thing I said to myself when I saw her picture. she was.

Used to tune in to Kathy Smith to see what hair color she had that day.

She is one of the funniest people too. She used to tell this story. Kathy returned to Portland a number of years ago, after doing a stint in Seattle. She still had small kids at the time and returned to KGW doing the Evening News. Getting up early in the morning was not a normal routine for her, but she had to get her daughter registered for school. Not having time to get made up, she put on a bandanna and sunglasses (ala Jackie O)and went to school. Long story short; the lady at the school asked her daughter: "..and what does your Mom do"? Daughter: "I don't really know, but she gets all dressed up and goes out at night". Kathy was speechless.

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