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April 30, 2015


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Yes...That was a sad day in Oregon for a lot of people, especially the kids! I don't know of a single kid in my day who didn't want to go to the "Biggest Log Cabin In The World"! I was riding on the Astoria-Megler Ferry when I heard the news on my transistor radio! I think they said it was arson. Sad to say, I don't think they ever caught the guy that did it. A few years later when I was in High School, my friend Louie said he thought it was his sister's boyfriend because she said he admitted to her that he had done it! He also told her he had burned down the big building going up to Rocky Butte where the church camp is now. It's all gone now... The Forestry Bldg., The Astoria Ferry, and lastly,.. The little red transistor radio!

I remember when the Forestry Building burned to the ground. We were on vacation at the beach and saw it on TV. It's the only time I ever saw my dad get emotional.

Dad worked over on hey 30, old Willbridge railroad station, and I was worried he wouldnt be able to get home for hrs... N interstate/ Alberta area.. didn't think of St Johns bridge.. such a sad day. Tragedy.

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