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May 25, 2015


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I'd love to have that 64 Impala convertible in the middle of the row...

I have two tickets that look just like that one, except mine were on the lower level and cost $3.50 apiece and mine have, of course, been punched. My brother has the other two from the family of four's outing.

$14 to entertain the family made for a rather spendy night, especially when you add to that dinner at the Uptown Bohemian at probably ten bucks.

Funny story from that opening night at the MC. As the show ended and everyone was leaving several fire trucks pulled up out front. It seems that the doors were alarmed, but the Coliseum workers forgot to turn off the alarms before people started streaming out. All of the doors opening at once set off the alarm bringing the firemen.

I will take the corvair next to the impala...

May i have one of any of them, please?. I am not choosy, as long as the darn thing runs!

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