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May 28, 2015


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Darrell Hammond makes a horrible Harland Sanders. He should stick to impersonating slick willy.

These ads are embarrassing. Big mistake bringing that idiot on.

And there is only one Santa claus

Sorry Mr Stump,with all due respect, its obvious that your hyperviciousness when it comes to certain entertainers that you don't care for prevent you from doing your homework. Darryl was not rejected by SNL. he left the show due to personal difficulties he was going through at the time. and by the way he is back at SNL taking the position that was vacated by the death of their long standing MC, Don Pardo
In November 2011, Hammond's both dark and comic memoir God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F***ed was published by HarperCollins. In it, he details his abusive childhood, time spent in psychiatric hospitals, and what it was like behind the scenes of SNL. The book also contains reflections on his family, and how his wife and daughter encouraged him in his fight against substance abuse.
I have not seen the ad, and frankly, KFC means virtually nothing to me. its that same Madison avenue mentality that made Madmen a huge success for AMC. Darrell does a pretty darn good Bill Clinton, ted Koppel,sean connery.etc. why don't you expend some of your excess vitriol towards those real miscreants, the Ted Cruzes,rick santorums,rick perrys,bubba jindalls,etc etc etc.for their dangerous disregarding of our country's real problems instead of the bogus problems that they have schemed up in their bogus minds.

Re previous post: Oh did I not include the country's number one Bozo, the Donald. Darrell does him the best of all.

How about one more entity for you to rail about, Dave, how about Josh Duggar and his twisted family existence and the TLC moguls that nurtured these sickos? I will cease and desist now.

Gee, he's such a "winner" as Col. Harlan Sanders, no wonder SNL refused him.. jerk.

Fresh off a four-piece combo box (Original recipe, of course), this fact: Hammond holds the record for the longest tenure on SNL - 1995 - 2009.

I recall at least one other attempt to portray the Colonel in KFC ads with an unknown actor. There was also the animated Colonel that was voiced by another (though short-lived) SNL alum, Randy Quaid.

The Hammond version may not be the best idea, but I'm generally in favor of keeping the Colonel alive. But they also need to immediately kill that 'Eleven Herbs & Spices' dipping sauce. More like dipping shit.

hey urban gent, this is HIS website!!!! within reason he can do as he pleases! including approving posts from trolls and whiners...

Say what you want about Yum! Brand, and their resurrection of Colonel Sanders, but you're showing your ignorance by calling Darryl Hammond an "SNL Reject". Darryl Hammond was on the show from 1995 - 2009, the longest running cast member in the history of the show.

Damn Gent, you're really ranting there. And you forgot to mention the buffoon of all buffoons the hildabeast. Of course, it would be more difficult for Hammond to do her -- or would he even want to drop that low.

But I bet Hammond could do one fine bernie sanders. Just tousle his hair a bit, slur his words, and talk nonsense. It would be a breeze.

To JANN: re read my rant Jann (Like pat on SNL are you male or female), I said I hadn't seen the ad, and I don't give a ff about KFC, and I never said that he was a winner as the colonel all I said was do your homework before casting stones which you didn't do either. so try boning up on your reading comprehension skills.

JOHN, you have always been my trolling and whining guru. AT least the stumpman had the fairness to include my comments.

to JIP: Love to see him do all of the above. you're right on as usual. and sometimes funny.

urbangent, well I do love to fly fish, I cant troll, because you need a boat to troll and I don't have one, sorry!

OK, I have watched all of the commercials now and I totally agree with everyones comments. The commercials completely SUCK, but check out the real Colonels voice on YouTube. Darrel Hammond nails it. So who's to blame? He is just playing to the Shitty script that he had to learn as an actor and impressionist. I would bet that he is probably more embarrassed and pissed about it than anybody else, and that's probably in the millions by now. so yes, FU KFC for the worst commercials ever!!!!!! We can bury the dead horse now. Goognight

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