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June 28, 2015


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"Grab your woman, it's a Louie, Louie time" was Revere and the Raiders. You know, the best version of Louie, Louie. The Raiders rocked the song, these clowns, not so much.

Plus this isn't even the real Kingsmen. Jack Ely sang lead on the hit version of the song. Don't see him in the picture.

one of the very few pictures of the band showing Gary Abbott as drummer after Linn stepped into the front slot to sing and play sax. Also missing from the original lineup is Bob Nordby the original bass player and of course Jack Ely whose voice immortalized the song. This picture was probably taken right before the first tour of the mid west after which Gary dropped out due to the draft and was replaced by Dick Peterson. Don Gallucci was also replaced after the first tour by Barry Curtis

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