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July 30, 2015


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One of those "young men" was Dick Herrera and most of us "shoe dogs", from Nordstrom's, Berg's, M & F and others all went to Dick for our haircuts. Then it was the latest thing in barbering to get a "razor cut" and Dick was the very best with
the razor!
As time passed Dick became "Richard" and today "Richard Herrera About Hair" is recognized by many as Portland's premier, trendsetting hair salon and Bridal Boutique.

The other was Les Madden owner of the other top premier salon, Magnum Opus. Old man Jaffe did good.

When I worked in the Sherlock building I went to Les and he became a good friend. Dick was great too.

I have enjoyed your vintage barbershop articles and was excited to see this entry on Jaffe’s shop as I was a regular at the shop in the top picture. After studying this picture for a couple of minutes I was bowled over when I recognized myself in the last chair. Although I have no recollection of the picture being taken I am almost certain it’s me. I think it would have been taken in the late 1950’s when I was 15 or 16.

My dad worked downtown and was a long time Jaffe customer. He initiated me into – what was then – the male adult ritual of the barbershop haircut at about the time I started high school. I have strong memories of this shop I think because I was more than a little intimidated to go there, it being a very “grownup” experience for kid my age.

I believe the barber next the Harry was called Ike. The barber cutting my hair was named Joe De Rico, but my spelling may be off.

Thanks for the wonderful picture and terrific memories.

Joe Nance

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