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July 29, 2015


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You know, I can accept that people hunt for food if they are hungry and need to feed themselves or their families. I do not eat meat but I get that people need sustenance. But people who hunt for a 'hobby' or 'sport' to me are just people that are one step above a serial killer in my book.

With all of the choices of hobbies and ways to spend one's time, I cannot understand why someone would get their thrills in shooting animals? And this guy is the worst of the worst. I am just glad that people are finally evolving when it comes to the issue of hunting and big game hunting.

This clown claims he didn't know that the lion he killed was a special lion. Really? Then tell us why did you pay$54,000 to get to kill it. And what about that previous poaching conviction? What a liar.

Eyes rolling..... Hate the game not the player....

Bow hunters are most lousy shots, should be illegal to bow hunt. Should be illegal to trophy hunt. This is no compassionate human, he should be jailed for what he did. He's a monster. And demands the 'right' to kill.
He kills for fun. That is just sickening, and a very dangerous mind.

Thank you, Mr. Stump.
Maybe when he dies, someone will mount his head (with pretty fake teeth) on a wall.

The so called hunter should be turned loose in the African bush alone without a gps. Lots of obligate carnivores would be happy to show him what it's like to be the prey.

One warped S.O.B.

Yes, there was NO call whatsoever for what the a**hole did to that lion and I think it sucks, but it can't be nearly as warped and twisted as the thousands and thousands of murdered human infants Planned Parenthood is dissecting human body parts from and selling them for profit to the highest bidder! I don't hear any body raising there voices and showing concern for their lives! (Can you say DR. MENGALA!)

Pat…That is such crap. Quit listening to Sean Hannidy and that wind bag Lars Larson.

You know, it is interesting Ron that this lion story has drawn muy attention, especially from hollyweird, while stories that affect people's everyday lives go essentially unnoticed.

Now, I'm not talking about the PP body parts story, but there are many issues that go overlooked while this lion story gets top attention. But then, this society thinks that it's worth following the Kardashian family's antics and the iHeart Radio Music Festival.

We have stories about the world financial condition, Greece, and the other failing economies, race relations flaring again and there is the PP body parts story which deserves more attention than a dead lion.

But hey! Feel free to make a dead lion the top story on your personal news feed. Or maybe you're more interested in the latest doings of Kim and Kanye. I mean, it was so important when they named their kid North West.

This wasn't "sport" or trophy hunting. It was murder. May this evil human being lose everything he holds dear. Too bad some lions can't hunt him for "sport" and a trophy.

This jackass murdered a beautiful creature for pleasure, and should be hunted the same way. I feel for his family. Otherwise, aside from this topic, I rather agree with JoelinPDX.. Who gives a rats patoot about Dim and Scumye? The kids cute, but she's nobody really special.

Say Ron! If it's such crap, look up the undercover video and watch it for yourself! It's out there! What is it about you liberals? You want to "Save the Whales", "Save the Spotted Owls", Save the Polar Bears!", "Save the Whatevers!", but save a human life? No, it's a woman's right to do whatever she wants because it's HER body! Now THAT'S Crap, Ronnie!!!

You should have NO say in what a woman wants to do with her body. Period. You or Huckabee, or any of those assholes running for President. Religious RIGHT is WRONG.

That sort of thing has been going on for years,

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