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July 28, 2015


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It will come as no surprise to any regular in these parts that I have no love for rodham. But trump really is an ass, equine division.

this guy was amusing at first, then almost laughable, then crass but now he's gone over to being just another dirt bag. . a rich dirt bag but still just a dirt bag. The best part?. . the Republicans have to own him.

if it comes between him or her... it wont be too hard to make up my mind! remember bengahzi!

I wouldn't be too sure about that john duvall. In the new Q Poll, just out, 30 percent of Republicans say they wouldn't vote for trump under any circumstance. GOP dislike of trump is so high that even a yahoo like rodham wails on him. That would be the same rodham who can't defeat Bush or Walker.

Who likes trump. Well, that dork Mark Cuban likes him, although he can't say why. And that's the case for most of trump's backers. That doesn't quite say the GOP owns trump.

Oh no the PC every kid get's a trophy crowd is upset at The Donald for calling BS on the establishment... This crowd and establishment is the sole reason the USA is a laughing stock....

Hey Lance --

You hear that trump is apparently just another politician after all. He told CNN that illegals should be sent home and then get expedited returns to the US. It seems, according to trump, that they're needed to do all those jobs that Americans just won't do.

Here're a couple of reads for you:


He is the warmup band we have to listen to while we wait for the main event.

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