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July 30, 2015


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Ed Tonkin confirms this was owned by his Grandfather. For the love of cars!

Kaiser Permanente isn't exactly a quality medical facility, more like production line medicine. It's cheap, but you do get what you (or your employer) pay for.

You sound like someone who has never had Kaiser coverage. I was skeptical too, but have experienced very excellent care, including a hip replacement surgery just over a year ago. Kaiser never hesitates to perform necessary tests or referral to specialists within their system, and their folks are top notch. Can't say enough good things about this organization. And by the way, it's not cheap. I pay $700/month to be added to my wife's employer paid program. Next month, I go on the Kaiser Medicare program for about $45/month, and will have the same excellent care.

OtherDave --

I have experienced Kaiser and know that it is quite limiting in what it'll allow for hospitalization. It has been a long time ago, so I can't recall specifics but at the time they allowed extremely short hospital stays for fairly major problems.

This involved a strike situation at Kaiser Hospital, the one by Swan Island. I think the nurses there were on Strike so they moved the emergency patients to other hospitals. These were patients with major problems. My experience was with one of the hospitals where patients were moved and the entire medical staff at that hospital (Doctors, Nurses, etc.) was appalled at the extremely limited stays.

I have heard negative things about the old days at Kaiser, such as the experience you relate. I think it's a different organization now. We certainly are pleased with their services, both large and small.

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