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August 28, 2015


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was a beautiful little baseball park!! now a travesty!

Look at all of the hats! It looks like about 95 percent of any heads you can see have some kind of covering.

I lived in Portland 35 years. The ball park was ready to collapse in the final years of The Beavers. I don't enjoy soccer, nor do I know the game, but my grand kids love it and I took them. The park today is major league quality, maybe not for baseball but soccer is a huge deal and Paulson made a smart business move. That club is printing money and for the merchants surrounding that park, 1,100 fans mostly in for free against every game a sell out? That kid is brilliant.

steve you must be talking about the Vaughn street park then? pge park where this photo was took, was renovated in 1995 and 2000, its nearly all solid concrete, I can assure you it will stand for many more years! to bad nothing worth watching in it anymore!

Blame the fans John, nobody was showing up. Try running a business like that. Half the tickets were comp to get food sales. Get a life. I was in the Beavers Boosters Club from 1965 on.

hello bevofan! we did show up! 5,800 average per game if you times that by at least 72 home games, without playoffs that's 424,000 per season! we were there, but idiot Paulson wanted his sissy sport where nobody scores or ever wins half of the time! odd I started going to the games in 65 also! I have a life but it was better when we had the beavers!

beavers ranked last of all the clubs in attendance during the final year. Oregonian printed the facts. Google Portland Beaver attendance.

mr G I did where do you think I came up with the number 5,900??? you cant blame the beavers fans! near the end it was clear the big "o" and all the news networks never even bothered to show the scores of the games! back in the 80's they did every night, even a quick interview now and then! also there were many promotions to get people out to see a game (thanks to dave hersh and ron Tonkin!) then all that changed for the last 20 years of the beavers, Portland's own media never had anything to do with them, sure they would report on the blazers and this new crappy soccer team, but not for the beavers, who had been here much longer!

The Hops are a blast to watch!! Old school baseball at its finest!!! Go see a game john. Ask your mom if you can ride the bus out there.


Take a look at the 5800 fans in the pictures on Jack Bog's Blog from April of 2009.


Now that's quite a crowd that turned out for a Portland Beavers game in a 20,000 seat stadium.

lance, I went down to watch them for the first time this year, they lost 10 to 2, most of the crowd was gone before the 7th inning stretch! no comparison of single A ball to AAA ball and its 20 more miles away than pge park was!

John,I loved the Beavs just as much as you did. Used to go to them 2-3 times a week when I was a kid. I didnt care how many people were there, my buddy and I always watched the game right behind home plate and listened to Bob and Rolly broadcasting. They were colorful, and the players themselves were bigger than life, but the most exciting years were from 73-78 when we were lucky enough to have a team by the name of "Portland Mavericks". Thanks for the memories, Bing Russel. Watch the great documentary "The Battered Bastards of Baseball" on netflix, or rent it. Its a great statement about the days when baseball was fun again. Soccer has been in and around Portland for years, John and it aint goin away. The Documentary also revealed how cut throat and nasty big league baseball is. BTW were you at the game when Eddie Basinski played the game at every position the last being at home plate where he played his violin?

BTW since I dont live in Portland anymore, what happened to the idea about ballpark out in the Lents neighborhood? did that idea ever catch fire? Just askin

Hey John, remember when Satch Paige pitched for the Beavs?
Do you remember when Joe Brovia hit one of his many grand slammers over the wall onto 18th? What position did Ed Mickelson play? rember the Bottler Brothers? Luiz Marquez? Thats how you revere Beaver Baseball. its remembering the good times, and the great hometown players we had, but not living in them. What have the Blazer done since 77? nada. Portland will always be seen as that wide spot in the road between Seattle and San Francisco.

hello UG no I wasn't born when he played for three weeks in portland, I would have loved to see that part of history, I wonder if my father did, he never said anything about him though.

joel, as I said that was an average, there were many games over 10 to 15,000 also many cold nights in the spring that drew maybe 1000, that's why they call it an average!


I remember Eddie Basinski, a player who was actually owned by the Beavers. But that was back in the days before the Dodgers and the Giants moved to the West Coast, essentially writing doomed across the PCL standings.

Back in the day, the "majors" were eight team leagues on the East Coast and the PCL and American Association were more than "minor" leagues. That was when the PCL was real baseball, then the bigs grew to ten and then 12 teams and it was all over for second-class cities like Portland.

Do you remember Tommy Heath the cigar chomping Beaver manager standing on the edge of the Dugout or George Freeze, another Beaver owned standout?

Now Portland is "Soccer City USA" and that's the way it's going to be.

john is living in the past and his rants about Beaver baseball are getting old. I feel sorry for john.

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