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August 29, 2015


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Yah... I'd have to agree with ya on that one! Fox news seems to have gone downhill in the last few years.

At least they never scheduled it Monday - Friday evenings only to move it to the doldrums on Sunday morning. Of course, there was nothing ever PC about this show. And apparently you never watched "Red Eye."

As if Megyn Kelly's drivel is any better.

Worst show ever? Has to be Jerry Springer. 2nd.? You are not the father! 3rd? Take your pick.

No Joel, I don't WATCH "Red Eye". I'm too busy LISTENING to it on the radio with Gary MacNamara and Eric Harley! It's a lot better in my opinion! (midnite to 3am--- AM radio- possibly KEX in Portland?)...

of course it's dreck, it's FOX. . .gone downhill the last few years?. . LMAO. .what a joke. conceived and born in the toilet and to the toilet it shall return. The only network to have ever gone before the Supreme Court to argue for its right to lie to its audience and win. Dreck, total dreck

Pat Davison, with all due respect, when was it ever uphill?

That guy looks like Gilbert Gottfried only he is a thousand times more irritating. He's got a voice like nails on a chalk board.

Jphn Duval: Amen, Bro

Pat, the radio "Red Eye" is a different show, I'm sure.

Lance and Gent, why is it you liberals so hate that one -- and only one -- TV network has a conservative bent. You have all of entertainment, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and most of all BSDNC. But you liberals for some reason just can't abide one network aligned to the conservative side.

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