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October 28, 2015


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A collection of Democrat crap if there ever was one. It just shows how hard up the Democrats truly are.

Now really, what's better. A choice of candidates, or the coronation of one candidate with entitlement fantasies? Frankly, I'd rather pick my nominee from a field of candidates rather than have one candidate rammed down my throat.

And Ohman again shows that he is humor impaired. The cartoon would be much funnier if he had a characterization of Hillary Rodham wearing a crown and issuing an edict that she be proclaimed president.

THAT'S what ya got outta that "debate", Stump?
NOTHING about those "moderators?
NOTHING about those insane questions?
There were clowns there....they were the CNBC Clowns asking about "Fantacy Football".

Way more disappointed in YOU than the candidates.

yea, have to agree about some of the moderators questions . .SOME being the operative word here. The real tough questions and there were a bunch were too much for the candidates. All we got were the usual crap and discredited ideas from thirty years ago. I grew up in a Republican house hold and these are not Republicans. What we have are carnival barkers, snake oil salesmen, failed CEO, liars, bullshit artists and at least one totally neurotic brain surgeon who obviously has performed one too many brain surgeries on himself.
Your rant about "coronation" and "entitlement fantasies" perfectly describes the dullard Bush. What a load of crap. I've never seen a larger collection of totally clueless amateurs on one stage in my life. If this is the best the republican party can do then It's time to disband and start over. Half these bozos did nothing but whine and complain all night long. If can't take the heat from the moderators no matter how lame the questioning, how the hell are you going to stand up to the sharks on the international stage?. Whiners, amateurs, angry self righteous entitled douche' bags. .all of them. The cartoons above accurately depict the lack of intellect of the Republican Party. Describing them as functionally insane would be too kind. Go stand in the corner.

I will take anyone on that stage before Clinton.

you and me both, Kelly unfortunately after the last two elections, I feel we are the only two left in America with common sense!

john duval: and now that these miscreants have deluded themselves in thinking that they have a major network on the ropes, they now want to meet together on how to collectively cook the books with more smoke and mirrors. avoiding a question about fantasy sports is the creepub/creeparty version of fantasy politics

duvall, you are totally delusional. I'm guessing you got drunk on Wednesday night and by the time the debate ended you were passed out on the couch in front of your old B&W.

This was an interview of the potential next president of the USA. They shouldn't have been questioned about fantasy football and pressed to get nasty about other candidates. Few of the questions were on point and even moreover, few of the questions were on the promised topic of the debate, the economy.

Compare this crap sandwich with the love-in that CNN conducted and called the debate of Democrat presidential candidates. There is a reason that even NBC Nightly News last night took notice of how shitty the questioning was.

What do you want duvall, another president who'll tell us he isn't putting boots on the ground in the Middle East while he announces that he's putting boots on the ground? That's what Rodham will give us. Pathetic.

correct joel, I suppose they would give Hillary the nobel peace prize just like they did for Obama!...

urban gent... the days of nbc being a major network, ended 20 years ago!

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