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October 06, 2015


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All the way to the Oval Office.

at least 4 years I hope!

Just finished the NY Times mag story on a reporters journey, on the road for three days with him. The guy is a total asshole.

It's over already. Look at the polls. Drumpf is falling like a boulder. Ben Carson is tied in a couple of polls and even leads Drumpf in one. Carly Fiorina is soaring as is Marco Rubio, Even Jeb Bush has gained ground in the most recent polls. Only Drumpf is falling.

Bye, bye Donnie. Good riddance to crap.

trump is the only one who can beat billary! if someone else gets the republican nominations, say hello to 8 years of billary!

He has said things about Hispanics like they are the shit of the earth. They decided the Romney VS Obama election, and if you thought they had it out for Romney, try it next November.

Trump is a sick joke that shows how low we can go. HE, and people like him, the ignorant, the racist, the know nothing loudmouths are the reason America is no longer great.He's the guy for those of us that have dumbed down. He's the lowest common denominator, akin to a WWF wrestler, not a real candidate and insulting our heritage and history with his crude antics.
Much is made of his wealth, he's obviously trying to buy the Presidency.
Can you honestly place him with Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK or Reagan?
Only the nutty rightwing fringe, and the gullible who can't tell fantasy from reality would even take this clown seriously.

yes gary I can place him with those great men! can you place our current apologizer in chief with those same men??? yeah, me neither!

john, you need to take a closer look at the polls. The simple fact is that Drumpf is the only leading GOP candidate who consistently loses to Hillary Rodham. Carson, Fiorina, Rubio and Bush all beat her, Drumpf always loses to her.

So, I think what you meant to say is, "Drumpf is the only one who CAN'T beat Hillary." Yep, if Drumpf wins the GOP nomination we'll be saying hello to at least four more years of Obama in the form of Hillary Rodham.

Oh, and by the way john, if you put Drumpf in with the likes of Washington, Jefferson Lincoln and Reagan then I think there's a padded room waiting for you.

Crumft is Hillary's useful IDIOT

John, just like you probably play fantasy Baseball now you are playing fantasy politics. Crumft is already planning his exit strategy.

Not sure Trump is much more than a big bag of hot air, as so many people are pointing out. But why the vitriol towards this one well-dressed hot air balloon. and not so much as a peep toward the collective bag of crap politicians we've been living with from both parties for the last 50 years. I guess if you think bad things, lie with aplomb and style, but don't say them out loud, it's acceptable.
Is America Still great? You bet.
Just think how much greater and better off we would be if our major cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, and Los Angeles were better places to live and raise a family than they were 50 years ago. What politicians promise every election cycle is like seeing your breath on a cold morning, there is really nothing there.
What politicians have done to this country especially in those cities above is a sin. They should go to jail, or at least be forced to return the money they were paid for failing. I hope they rot in hell.

John, I have a bridge to sell you, cash only!
Born every minute!

gary, that's what we all thought when Obama came on the scene! look what happened! TWICE! never say never!

oh gary would it be that multi million dollar fiasco called the tilikum bridge? how did that work out for ya?

It looks as if the libtards of this forum are happy with the status quo of today's politicians.....

Is he really thinking he can be President...?

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