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October 02, 2015


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How very sad.

Very saddened to hear this news. I always thought highly of Big Tom Parker who definitely excelled at handling the tight Top 40 format. Very straight-forward with just the right amount of humor. Always loved "The Song that will get me Fired" and "Ask Mr. Science. After all, he knows more than you do. I first heard Tom on KGW but once he moved to the Bay Area I heard him on a regular basis, first at KFRC (where he did 9-Noon after Dr. Don Rose), then at KYUU and eventually K-101. I know he worked with the great Mike Phillips at each of these stops. I always felt Tom was overshadowed and underrated. He shouldn't have been. Big Tom was a joy to listen to, especially doing Morning Drive where he really found his niche. I pray that Big Tom Parker will be under the care of excellent doctors, that modern medicine will bring him back to good health, that we as fans will be able to hear his voice again. We're cheering for ya', Tom!

Is there something about K103 that gives its people internal problems. Walker, Bailey and now Tom Parker. Just saying, there's something funny going on here.

All three with liver disease. Makes you wonder whats in those consoles.

I too am saddened. I looked up to Tom as a radio personalty I could emulate as I studied radio. John, Dr, Science was a nationally syndicated radio program, I didnt realize Tom Parker had anything to do with it other than air it here.

Tom's surprise-passing is very sad news---especially since I have been working with him in the Lines For Life context most recently.

At K-LITE I hired Tom from KFRC in the mid-80's---he was a stellar talent, and stellar human being. He was a team-player, generous with time and thought....first-rate in every respect.

Tom remains firmly-rooted in our memories for his total goodness.
RIP Tom...
Bill Failing

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