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November 24, 2015


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Skeleton is likely hanging in a tree in the wilderness.

does anyone think the FBI actually gave him working parachutes?

Good place for ol Dan Cooper. Never DB.

theotherdave, for years I was sure he was at the bottom of swift yale or merwin, until they found that money on the banks of the Columbia... I still wonder about it today!

It really is an interesting event that has become a legend. Imagine the chances of that money showing up on the shore of the Columbia. Guy jumps out of a plane in winter over wilderness wearing a business suit. You couldn't make that up.
I used to wonder if he never jumped but stowed away on the plane somewhere,but the money in the river seems to have made that pretty unlikely.

Lance, I know you won't like this post. Please ignore it rather than making another of your snarky posts.

Consider this, Dan Cooper never existed. He was made up by the crew who collected the ransom and split it up. Who saw Cooper other than the three flight deck members and the flight attendant who didn't get off the jet in Seattle? What would prevent the flight crew from making up the story, reporting the hijacking on the Portland-Seattle leg of the flight, "allow" the passengers to get off in Seattle, while demanding food for the flight crew?

When the jet gets out in the wilds north of Portland, open the rear stairway, toss out a couple of the parachutes and $5000, then land the plane with the stairway still open and tell the story, each of the flight crew members walking away with $50,000.

you know joel, that make a lot of sense, except one thing, other than the little bit of cash that was recovered on the bank of the Columbia, none of the other 199,000 dollars has been heard of? still make one wonder.
lance not included!

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