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November 27, 2015


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This fellow was a joke- right? Not like anyone took him seriously - I'm right here? As a 47 year old woman (frame of reference) he is repulsive,

Michelle: That was his appeal. He was far from Playboy material, he was repulsive and that was his gimmick.

Rose was a major joke, and last i saw him, he looked like he was bigger horizontally than vertically. Never really went anywhere, stuck here. Roddy Piper worked with him.. See who went somewhere?

Jann J.......Rose wrestled main events to sell out crowds at Madison Square Garden in the early 1980's. It didn't get any bigger than that back then. By his own admission, drugs were his downfall. He also liked living in this area, which is why he always came back. He made a lot of money wrestling in the Pacific Northwest. Roddy Piper said many times that Buddy Rose made him a better wrestler.

Buddy Rose made Rowdy Roddy a better wrestler? A better actor? Maybe. A better wrestler? No.

Anyone remember Gorgous George?

Take a breath hens, untwist your panties.... It was an act.

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