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January 23, 2016


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Snyder hired the damage control company because he's being railroaded, mainly by Hillary Rodham and berry obozo. The City of Flint did this to its own citizens to save money. But Flint city officials are all Democrats. Hillary and obozo couldn't be blaming Democrats now, could they?

The Regional Head of the federal EPA has resigned because obozo's feds, when asked for help, did nothing. Snyder, in fact, has released all of the emails about the situation. That's called transparency and transparency involving emails is something Hillary, quite obviously, knows nothing about.

Joe in PDX is exactly right !

Stump would never admit all of the local municipal services in Flint, Detroit, Chicago and most of the failed urban areas of the rust belt have been JUST like Oregon....100% controlled by Democrats for decades. So its easy to blame the occasional and rare Republican. The city of Flint has been bankrupt for YEARS before Snyder....and broke because of Democrat spending habits on pet projects...JUST LIKE PORTLAND.

Just another Republican Bashing blog... sometimes. Well, it IS Portland based... another Liberal Dem utopia. Who are you going to blame for the failures around here, Stump? Those Republicans that have been in charge for YEARS of the Portland Public Schools?

From "Flint, MI Mayors" Wikipedia:

Dayne Walling (D) : Flint Mayor 2009-2015 Walling received support by the Michigan Democratic Party. "Mayor Walling personally testifying to its safety by drinking the water on local television and tweeting that he and his family drink Flint water every day."

Michael Brown (D) : Temporary Flint Mayor February 16, 2009 – August 5, 2009 former city administrator and former emergency manager for Flint. He also served as temporary mayor and city administrator of Flint after the resignation of Don Williamson.

Don Williamson (D) : Mayor of Flint 2003-2009. Democrat Williamson Williamson was convicted for several business scams in 1962 and served 3 years in prison.... eventually paroled.

During the 2007 election, Williamson claimed that the city had an $8.9 million surplus. However, after the mayoral elections, it was revealed that the city was in a $4 million deficit. Williamson had to fire 60 city employees and proposed firing 60 police officers and 9 firefighters, and closing the city jail.
Williamson was accused of bribing citizens for votes by handing out more than $20,000 at the car dealership that his wife owns as part of a "Customer Appreciation Day."

James W. Rutherford (D) : Flint Mayor 2001-2003. Running for reelection in 1979, he defeated McCree again, 20,738 to 12,902. Facing a budget shortage, Rutherford laid off 300 employees. That same year, he announced, with the backing of the Mott Foundation, the purchase of the IMA Auditorium and its annex for $2.4 million for future development into Auto World with a projected cost of $38.5 million.

How far back do you want to go, Stump?

Yeah right JIP. In the words of the Gipper, "There you go again" you defend bureaucratic incompetence at the state and municipal level by laying blame on a particular party or potus or candidate. Stump got it right. Your full of yourself imbellishment is not needed, even though you think you are enlightening us misinformed rabble. you and others of your ilk just delight in trying to stick the blame to those on your delusional enemies list. Dont ever change JIP, I can always use a good laugh.

Snole: I refuse to blame a disaster like this on any one political entity. This is a human problem, not to be confused by nasty political dogma so commonly spewd out on this blog. Kids will suffer, people could contract long term illness, and you deign to lamely compare this unfortunate city to Portland? The residents of this great city have never had it so good, and you spout out vitriol. We have had good mayors, great mayors and mediocre mayors. Oregon has had great to average governors. They all had similar goals to serve our city and state, insuring our safety sometimes they drop the ball, but leave it to you trolls to jump on their politics like flies on a dog turd. Please note to my great respect for stumps blog, you didnt see "Democrat" or "republican" in his posting.

Please do not confuse the libtards that frequent this website with actual facts and truth.... The libtards are unable to comprehend it.

This turd just told the EPA to stick it. Time to get out the tar and feathers.

Gent, I do believe it was Democrats -- Hillary Rodham in particular -- who first tried to lay blame. And they had to go all the way to the Statehouse to find the Republican to blame. Even though it was clearly the Flint City Council -- the Democrat city council -- that made the decision to save money, Hillary and company blamed Snyder.

So, if you're looking for someone to blame for partisan politics entering the fray, blame Hillary not me. In this case, at least, there isn't enough blame to go around.

Gent, I think you've been very wounded because your would be queen has been caught with her hands buried deep in the campaign cookie jar. You can make a big deal of not mentioning Republicans or Democrats. But the simple fact is Hillary Rodham made it a political issue when she wrongly tried to blame Rick Snyder.

The EPA chose to sit on its hands regarding Flint's water because it was too busy polluting the Animas River in Colorado. So, Hillary should have blamed the Flint City Council for the initial decision and the EPA for doing nothing about it when it was told. But the Flint City Council and the EPA are both controlled by Democrats and Hillary can't blame Democrats no matter how culpable they may be.

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