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January 28, 2016


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And buy a new car for a bit over $2000.

15 cents is about all they are worth! right up there with muchos crappos!

My recollection is that the first time my mom took us to the McDonald's just like the one in the picture (I think in Beaverton) burgers were 12 cents.

Years later in the late 1970's I worked for Coca-Cola USA, the division that sold product to McDonald's and others. Inflation was moving the price of a Big Mac to near $1.00. There was great concern in the industry that the public simply would balk at paying all of $1.00 for a burger. Things have certainly changed.

I see this picture was taken in the later 67-68 years at least by the years of the cars. I think cheeseburgers about a quarter by then. A 64 or 5 Rambler American, 67-68 Chevy Station Wagon and a 65-66 Mercury.

John, close but no cigar. its Muchos Grossious!!!

omg! a near red letter day, urbangent and I agree on something! urahh!

"The only thing missing from McDonald’s new mozzarella sticks is mozzarella cheese
Dissatisfied customers are posting pictures on social media of hollow crusts with the hashtag #wheresthecheese"

Yes sir, Mickey D's is rallying for a come back!!!

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