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January 23, 2016


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exactly pom mom! vooooote for obaaaaaaama! I hope this country can hang in there for another 11 months!

Aaahhhhh no. Republican mascot would be Loxodonta Elephas (African) or Elephas maximus (Asian). The Democrat mascot is Equus africanus asines. The animals featured in this photograph are Ovis aries.

Fer shur, Pom Mom.

come over here sheeeeeeeeep! voooooooooote for meeeeee!

"The Other Dave".....shouldn't that be "Fur" sure, Pom Mom. AND I don't feel at all sheepish about bringing that to your attention!

You are right Joe C... my baaaaaad.

"The Other Dave".....It was such a small mistake but it gives me great joy that "ewe" are able to admit to it. I'm sure there are others who would try and pull the wool over our eyes instead of just owning up and moving on.

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