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February 26, 2016


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Hate site? That's rich!
The Trump campaign and for that matter the GOP/Tea party has become based on Xenophobia, racism, Nationalism and....hate.
Oh I know, it's not hate! "the blacks" are the racists, Mexicans are rapists, etc etc.
Yeah, make America "Great" all right.
It's the party of angry FRIGHTENED Old whites.

Looks to me more like a joke that someone put together after Rubio's comment. What Rubio said is true, If it hadn't been for Trump's father he wouldn't be where he is. I'm guessing he'd be that guy living in a trailer down by the river and selling get rich quick schemes.

As it is, Trump started Trump University to peddle get rich quick schemes. He charged up to $36,000 to learn his wealth "secrets" but never delivered. Now he's being charged with fraud in federal court.

Moreover, Trump is on both the defense and plaintiff witness lists. He'll be called as a witness to testify about committing fraud probably this summer after he would claim the GOP presidential nod. It'll be great fodder for the Democrats. Trump's big problem is that no judge is likely to let him sit on the stand and spew insults.

it will take trump more than 8 years to undo what Obama has done!

Uh JoelinPDX... What's wrong with getting help from ones dad in the business word??? My father helped me start my successful 17y/o company with his advice and connections and I don't live in a van. But I do live in a nice house on the river though. I'm sorry that a has been radio person like yourself who got ran from PDX jobs is so jealous of those who are doing well. Trump will certainly make others do well in in life.

It was one million dollars, Lance. That's what's wrong with it and Trumpty Dumpty says it was a "little" loan. Plus Trumpty Dumpty later inherited a company worth $400 million. Is that the kind of help you got from your dad.

And for the record, as usual, your are full of shit. I saw too many guys get drunk and old sitting in front of the microphone and I resolved to never be one of them. When I turned 40, I quit radio, cold turkey and went into communications consulting where I made a tidy income. So, I'm sorry to spoil your wet dream but I was never a has been.

Now, quit being a total jerkoff and go tell your mommy that you've been playing with her computer again.

So who do you like for President Joelin aka know it all.

Read between the lines, putz.

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