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March 29, 2016


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Sadly, the big fish eat all the little fish.

Zilka believes in the golden rule.
Those with the gold rule.

No matter - they're not his kind of people.

Reading through the reviews on Yelp, I'm thinking a whole lot of bedbugs are going to have to find new homes.

Some gems:

"This is the worst hotel in Portland."

"...really it is sad that anyone would have to pay so much for such shabby living."

"...this is the shittiest place I have ever stayed."

"If you want to make sure your kids stay in school and never ever ever do drugs, take them here for one night."

"...there are roaches and bedbugs, the halls echo throughout the long portland nights with the sounds of moaning and weeping, and somebody is more than likely to shit in the shower at least once a day."

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