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April 29, 2016


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Best burger is FOSTER BURGER around 52nd and Foster Rd.

Lived here all my life. I'm 67. Never seen a real estate market this amped up. How long can it last?

These Friday Surprise columns are a blast. Keep 'em coming.

I remember the old Meier & Frank "Friday Surprise"....this is just as interesting. Love the mixed bag of thoughts.

It's like Doug Baker all over again. I look forward to this feature.

Starting to miss my old hometown when reading Friday S.

Damn! You're still shooting film. I used to do my own developing but digital and Photoshop is so much better. Plus, now I can shoot motion which is something I couldn't do using film.

For those who aren't aware, if one has a beloved furbaby, and landlord says no pets, all one need do is get companion animal status for said baby, and present it to landlord, one per animal, and voila. There could still be deposits, but companion animals cannot be denied. I have two companion cats, my babies, in a 'NO pets!!!' Place!

Maybe a little known fact about Bob Miller, other than the fact that he is a sweet guy, he played or still plays trombone in the STAMB (second time around marching band) also I think that the legislature should take a serious look at placing restrictions on landlords who lord it over tenants by dictating outrageous terms on pets. Their greed is padding their spendable on a rental. 50.00 per month added to the rent for a pet is 600.00 per annum clear. some of these assholes charge more per month Granted, some pets (large) could cause damage, but most peoples pets are less than 25 lbs, and should be treated accordingly. "fair is fair" is not in the vernacular of present day greedy bastards who slip it in to tenants in need of a place to live. there. I said it, a former landlord who never had a tenant screw me over.

also a remembrance about Georges Giant Burgers being pretty damn good in Tigard.

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