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April 27, 2016


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when they announced a special broadcast by cruz I had assumed he was dropping out of the race!!! clearly he has zero chance to win! he should be behind trump (our next president)

They're better than tRump/Palin or tRump/whoever. tRump gave an alleged foreign policy speech this morning but it was nothing more than the typical bloviations and boasting. It doesn't matter who wins between tRump and Rodham. Either way, the country is totally screwed.

Hilarious. Two losers nobody wants in office. God, the GOP really has become a nuthouse. Face it Republicans, your party is on life support.


Crud is a Cyborg

Not sure which is worse Gary. The Republican nuthouse or the Democrat big house. Of course, the Democrats have the huthouse aspect going for them too, with Burnie.

The first president in my memory is Eisenhower, then Kennedy. Then things really went downhill with Johnson and Nixon. Ford was a decent president but unfortunately was Nixon's veep. Carter was a disaster that begat the good in Reagan. GHW Bush was okay. Clinton was a flawed man but a decent president. Then GW Bush and the horror of Obozo.

Now we have as a choice between the crook and the combover. If ever there was a time "None of the Above" was necessary, this is it.

almost wet my pants laughing when I saw this yesterday. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. .how about blowing both of them off? LOL The guy is functionally insane and Carly is nothing more than an ignorant attack dog zealot who wouldn't know the truth if it beat her over the head. And talk about not knowing the truth,. .watched Ted this morning on tv pumping up the crowd in Indiana and after ten minutes I just turned the tv off. In ten minutes the man had uttered not a single truth, not one. Total pandering bullshit. The next few weeks are going to be truly hysterical and seriously embarrassing. I was raised in a republican household and the modern GOP are an embarrassment to the species.Period

Boner called Crud Lucifer in the flesh lmfao!

I too consider myself to be a true conservative republican, but I sure wish we could get someone in the white house who's good for our country. Like Joel said earlier, Bill was flawed, and I had my doubts about him in the beginning, but he was a pretty decent president and kept things humming right along in the 90's, all while fixing the budget with a surplus!

When Hillary Clinton becomes POTUS, she will endure the same vitriolic Bullshit from the Creeparty/Creepublican coalition in Congress that Barack Hussein Obama has as our first Black POTUS. Turtle Butt Snitch McConnel will stand up again and declare that it will be the party's mission in life to make HRC a one term POTUS. Not. going. to. happen. the country as a whole is on to these nitwits and will act accordingly. There. I said it.

Gent, I think you're getting delusional in your old age.

JIP: ( :>) )

ug didn't you mother say not to make fun of other peoples names? I don't think you are as old as you say you are!

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