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April 28, 2016


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Did KISN fill all five floors of that building?

Kisn had 75% of the main level, small office a few steps down which was payroll and a few steps up to the GM office and a spiral staircase to sales. At one time the Zell Jewelry family owned the building. It had a great rooftop which I won't get into….also the steps down I mentioned went to bathrooms and a fire incinerator for garbage. For many years the front door was shared with another by a cafe. On the main level was the entry with the jock photos lit up, an electric door that was buzzed by the receptionist, program dir & music room, then Jacki who did the logs, across was the production room, Burdens private suite which was incredible, entry to PSA production , news when it was done downtown and the window of the world……You walked a long hallway to a few steps that took you to the GM office, he had an electric door too.

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