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April 29, 2016


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I really enjoy your fondness for old time Seaside.
In the 60's we would stay at the Emerald Court Motel. It was a really nice place. I'd walk downtown, buy gift shop stuff to hang on my wall, go on the rides and generally have a blast. We seamed to always wind up there the 2 weeks before Labor Day (remember the riots?). Some younger friends I know have difficulty believing they used to staff the beach with active life guards, towers and Jeeps. Don't remember what year they did away with all that. Have you ever related any of your 'Stories of the the 60's at Seaside"? Thanks again for this regular topic.

Mr. Thompson, If you Google Seaside riots the article may enlighten you,

Old Seaside Rioter

Thanks Clark. And glad to meet ya!

I LOVED the Oceanarium ( I think that's what it was called), the Arcade on the Boardwalk, the place with the pool.
It was the 1920's through 40's in that place, REAL Nickelodeons, fuzzy black and white flip card deals for...a nickle. Each with some LURID promise, "Bathing Beauties", "The Neighbors Wife", that kind of stuff! Ancient wooden Ski Ball and miniature bowling alleys! All looking a thousand years old! OLD machine gun shooting games with Nazi planes or totally racist Japanese caricatures from WW2.Pin Ball!!! No modern games, all OLD as Hell stuff !
Prizes were giant Sugar Daddy's, candy etc.My brother won a CASE of O Henry bars!
You could even still find real Japanese glass fishing floats then, Myrtle-wood boxes, "racy" postcards. Pronto Pups, Salt Water Taffy, Cotton Candy!
It was like PARADISE to me then! LOVED IT!!!

Pig N Blanket! Silver Dollar Pancakes!!!
The Pypo Club! The Aquarium !
Surfer Shirts and Pypo Boards!

ski ball, darts, roller coaster that was dangerous as hell itself, the little train that went on real tracks through the park, the electric horse racing, when Pronto Pup was by the theater, when the theater played movies, the old cowboy pictures in the game arcade, being a kid and rolling the ball for mom in Fascination (when they wern't looking) the snow cone stand on the prom, Normas clam chowder, stopping at the Crab Broiler and waiting 30 mins for a table…..oh yeah

Dairy Queen, Maki Insurance, Bank of Astoria and Serenity By The Sea!

Bjokians furniture (spelling probably not correct)…The Spa behind the amusement park.

Hey Stumpman!

You inspired me!
I'll weigh-in on my Seaside memories:

The Natatorium, The Pypo Club, featuring
Paul Revere & the Raiders, The JazzMasters, Don & the Goodtimes, The Kingsmen, Robin & the Hoods,
and on and on...

Norma's Clam Chowder (still great!)
The bumper cars (wow!)

Cannon Beach was sleepy & laid-back.
Seaside was fast & funtastic!!!

Harrison's Bakery…stand in line!

Bjorklund's Furniture. My mom once offered to buy my wife and I a nifty piece of furniture that was just right for the house we had at the time. The only problem was getting it from Seaside to Beaverton. No go. Too bad.

I believe the store's name was Bjorkland's.
My grandmother worked there...

What, nobody has mentioned bed-racing on Broadway?

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