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May 26, 2016


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The Bomber is a national icon, VERY well known in car culture circles. Every show i go to in LA has photos and artwork. Hope it can be restored. They should apply for Historic Landmark status.

I remember seeing it as a kid over the years, it was sad, all the vandalism. sad to see it go, but maybe its in a better place now,

one of my first jobs after HS worked for Don Belles Brookside Restaurant before I went in the service. Art had already established his Bomber station about 12 years prior when I first went up inside the plane on our way down to Salem, the only route at that time. it was called the super highway at that time, being a four lane road. the plane was completely intact with all the controls, gauges, you could sit in the cockpit, work the rudders sit in the Bombay, the tail gunners nest, etc. Art and Mrs Lacey would have lunch at Belles about once or twice a week, all of the businesses in that area were very supportive of each
other, and of course Art being somewhat of a celebrity, Don Belles was also, he bought a large church bell and installed it out in front of the restaurant and would go out about 11:30 and ring that bell which was heard up and down McLaughlin. He was one of the first restaurants to offer char broiled burgers. Hwy 99 was a small route 66, with lots of Americana all the way to Salem. starting with Belles, the Bomber, Roakes foot long, lews dairy freeze, the little stinker gas in hubbard (neon skunk with a lighted nose and the head moved, The falls at Oregon City, needless to say, the interior of that beautiful plane subjected to vandalism was completely destroyed in the 60's and 70's. But one good thing for me, I joined the USAF in 61 for the time of my life, inspired by Art and his dedication of service.

thank you for your service UG, but I still think your a bit odd.... just sayin

thanks John, but it takes odd to know odd

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