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May 26, 2016


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The waitresses actually had to wear those outfits? And you were actually supposed to hold on to your lunch?

You are right, they shot you with a toy gun if the spinich was still on the plate. Food sucked to be honest.

I worked there in the 80's. I don't know how they stayed in business with the amount of patrons that they had. I think it was some kind of front for the owner who rarely if ever came in and when he did he would pass out $20 bills to the workers like a big shot. The place had a habit of burning down under weird circumstances. I remember working with a odd assortment of people like 'Tippin Tony' (he liked to drink the cooking sherry), 'Laughing Larry' ("Don't ever go to Elko, Nevada" was his motto), and a dishwasher that we teased relentlessly because she just stood by the dishwasher all day without moving because of lack of work. And no they did not have those wacky outfits then but the waitresses were kinda hot and my co-worker sexually harassed them verbally on a constant basis and they did not seem to mind at all. A different era in Portland I guess.

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