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June 24, 2016


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Earl Jr. may not have been the best FM exec, but he parlayed Earl Sr. and Virginia's money into worthwhile causes. He was a very generous man to UP and Portland. As these old line philanthropists depart our city for their great reward, I wonder if our nation of baristas and hipsters will be there ready to put new roofs on museums and concert halls? Here's hoping.
RIP Earl Jr.

Valid point by Vikensen. But how many baristas are going to inherit tens of millions of dollars? If they do, perhaps they will be generous, as well.

Earle Senior was quite smart, had fresh ideas for Fred Meyer stores. His stepdad abusesd him. Fred was not a nice person. His love was the stores, that's it.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Senior was my Mom's maiden name -!!!! her father was from Brooklyn, WA, now buried there too. My grandfather was a direct descendant of Charles Coatsworth Pinckney - signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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