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June 29, 2016


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My favorite Chinese Restaurant. I knew Mrs Chin the owner when I was a kid. They lived by us on Tabor. I remember walking down their at least once a month and getting the huge and real Shrimp Egg Rolls. They STILL make them! Don't know who has the place now, but for the last several years its starting to have that tired look. Hope they renovate it soon. You got me going on this one Mr Stump! Bulls-eye! I kinda feel like I'm moving in on Joel's territory. TEE HEE! Thanks!!

We used to drive from Cedar Mill clear to the far side of town --in those days there wasn't much happening between 82nd and Gresham -- to eat at the Chinese Garden. My dad worked as a sales expediter at Iron Fireman, which was at the east end of the Ross Island Bridge. The guys there would drive to 82nd for lunch.

I wasn't much of a Chinese food fan back then, but at least the Chinese Garden was clean, unlike the majority of Chinese restaurants. My folks liked it, and I had a hamburger and fries.

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