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June 27, 2016


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Ron was the first car guy to figure out how to use and profit from TV. He was a master at commercials. He filmed many at KPTV during these days, he was fast, many times on the first take, he was polite and caring about the crew. I would never say a bad word about Ron Tonkin.

Get an oil change every 60 days? 30 idf it's below freezing?
Man, ripping off the Chevy owners Ron? THAT is a bit much!

Motor oil back then was no way comparable to today's oil. Engines back then would have to be rebuilt well before 90-100,000. My 1st car, a Pontiac Tempest had to be rebuilt at 84,000 miles. 84,000 is nothing any more even with changing the oil every 10,000 miles. If you drove a lot of short trips in traffic back then, it was necessary to change your oil often. Spark plugs and points would go every 10,000 miles or less. You had to drive with a tool box in the trunk. Flat tires, leaks, smoking exhausts were all common place.

Ron was a big supporter of the Beavers, both him and dave hersh worked together to promote the Beavers back in the day, sadly when the Beavers returned in 2000, nobody stepped up to the plate, and that allowed the soccer infestation. sad!

john is so clueless and laughable... The field where The Hops play is named Ron Tonkin Field....

Beaver John is 100% accurate. Triple A baseball was going away in Portland, Tonkin thought Dave Hersh was a great young promoter. Tonkin and Doug Goodman funded the Beavers to stay in town. He is correct.

thanks dano, I know the words I speak are true! because I lived it! lance only knows soccer! and boys in shorts!

careful john with your pedophile accusations..... I actually know your identity..... In vancouver....

why yes of course you do lance ole boy! real men play baseball! lol!

Hey John, watch out, I think Lance is hitting on you?

Why is that idiot john still pissing and moaning about the baseball team that left years ago?

hey ZIP John is the only reason I log on to STB every day. he is quite unpredictably hilarious and you're not

yeah I know pinky, that's what happens when you watch too much soccer! lol!

A list of grown adults.

hey UG.... thanks! I think? lol!

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