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June 26, 2016


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Won't help john.....

Please. This kind of "humor" belongs on Donald Trumps site.
Have some dignity, this is pure schoolboy sexism for stupid people.
Whatever you think of Clinton, her "sexiness" has NOTHING to do with her qualifications , or lack thereof to be President!
I'm sure the Hillary haters will be out en masse, but only an OLD MAN or very stupid young one would find this funny.
I'm sure all you Hillary haters JUST DRIVE THE LADIES WILD,
Not worthy of this site. What's next, "darkie" humor?

that's not funny, when that happened to me, my wife wouldn't let me call 911.

yikes, no wonder bill wanted monica! #ouch

Wow. I love this blog, but hate sexism. This is a perfect example of how women are still regarded as sexual objects. All women are worth more than what a penis thinks. Value her mind and ability.

As far as Bill and Monica... oh yes, it was Bill's wife's fault that he stuck a cigar up an intern. Come on!

chill people. It's a joke. She is not likeable plus she looks like shit. I never blamed Bill.

As a female, (I checked, to be sure), and around Mr Stumps age, I find this quite funny! Scares me! That erection would scream, droop, and hide for at least a week.

No need to "chill out" (love the 20 year old "hip" expression). It is sexist and misogynist.
Update your social skills OLD MEN!

correct lance, but then I don't have that problem! lol!

After reading through the posts, I think we know who it is that needs to chill, huh Gary?

no gary! I am happy to say I am not and never will be part of your p/c crap! go watch a soccer game!

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