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July 18, 2016


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Remember the sheer amazement and excitement of this?
I was 9 years old , we watched open mouthed on closed circuit TV in the gym of our school. It was THE FUTURE, the astounding promise of our future in space. I saw the Friendship 7 at the Seattle worlds Fair, the 21st Century fair.A REAL spaceship!!!!
Didn't exactly turn out the way we thought. Too bad.
Now, nobody is amazed over anything. Just stick their faces in their phones like zombies.
We could not have predicted that, or the rise of the idiot zombie candidate for the highest office, Trump and his soft core porn wife!
God Bless John Glenn and the wonderful sprit of America we had back then. I wish we had it now!!

John Glenn was my very first hero. He is still one of them. What a life, indeed.

A great American.

happy birthday,i was very happy to see you back in 1978 in the Solomon islands ,you were on my ship the uss whipple ,when they celebrated there independence.i also have a friend,that pulled you out of the ocean ,when you did your orbit trip around the earth.gob bless you sir.

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