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September 29, 2016


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Not just a con man, sniffling donnie is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. The way he creates fear, making brown-skinned people the enemy that is taking your job and at the bottom of every problem faced by white men. Just like Hitler did with the Jews.

And, don't you dare oppose anything that dumb donnie says, he'll have his brown shirts beat the crap out of you. Just like Hitler.

And lest you don't believe I'm serious, this ain't hyperbole.

I liken Trump to the Roto-Rooter man. A valuable person to know when you need a sewer pipe cleared, but not someone I'd invite to dinner.

I prefer Roto Rooter people. At least you know where they stand!

Ahhh.... A libtard rally cry!!! It appears that "Dick" has the same memory affliction that Hilly has when it comes to cons and lies... But then there is the clueless dolt known as Gary "I can't name on foreign world leader"

Right lance, spoken like a true trumpturd. I'd rather vote "clueless" than support a clown whose only role in life is screwing over the little guy.

Joelin: Clinton is no prize, but due to his daily insanity, he's making her look like Thatcher.


It's a well established fact that the candidates being offered for president this time around are the two worst candidates ever. Both are despicable. Both are crooks. Both are incompetent. Neither is qualified to be president.

The best argument ever for including "None of the Above" on our ballots.

Lance, only children, idiots, and imbeciles continue to use the 'libtard' bullsh%t. Where do you fall? Can you post a comment without the derogatory slurs? From what I've seen, no. Go hop back in bed with DumpTrump.

Go to your safe space Jann J.....


You've been spending too much time on breitbart. You're talking just like them idiots.


How many foreign leaders aka Heads of State can Gary Johnson name???

I understand that you don't keep up lance, but Johnson has made it clear that the reason he couldn't answer mathews question was because there are no world leaders he admires. He wasn't asked to name a foreign leader, he was asked to name a leader he admires.

I realize that you, like your messiah dumb donnie, have great admiration for the world's leading despots, but that doesn't mean that Gary Johnson has to be so insipid.

The dumb one would be able to answer the question, I'm sure. Putin, Assad, Kim, The Castro Brothers, Mugabe, Maduro, Ortega. Of course, there's also his favorite from history Adolf Hitler.

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