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October 30, 2016


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Not to brag, but I gave up on the Oregonian long ago. The paper was worthless when I quit subscribing and had been worthless for sometime before.

That's because they have no reporters that are able to WRITE their own stories.

Sadly, OMG is nothing more than a cut and paste of someone else's work. The real reporters are all gone, many finding work with various government agencies. There, former reporters pound out government press releases so the interns at Olive cut, paste and salp their By Line on those press releases.

My High School journalism teacher would toss my submissions back at me with a big red, "WHO is this story about?" Sadly, there are no editors remaining at OMG either.

I moved back to the Portland area March 1980 and resumed taking the "Big O"(It was a big paper then!) I have lived with all of the rate increases and diminishing size but finally gave it up about two months ago when once again and WITHOUT advance notice this time...I was getting yet ANOTHER rate increase! Over $42 every eight weeks, and for what? Only four days a week, not seven! Even the flies were unfazed by a swat (when I was actually able to catch one} from my paper! I tried to actually see what it weighed but my scales don't go down that low! Shame on you Oregonian! I'm here in Boise visiting with my son and grandkids and BOTH of the Boise papers are twice as big as the Oregonian and print Seven days a week! I guess I will just have to learn to be more proficient with the internet!

Joe -- As you become more Internet proficient, I'd suggest you get your local news for the Tribune -- wehttp://portlandtribune.com/bsite

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