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November 28, 2016


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I remember this one. Tickets were $5.50. Opening acts were Live Five, Standells and a local band-may have been the Redcoats(not sure). Chicks dug it, yelling and screaming. Stones brought excitement that day.

# 18 Dave Clark 5!....that was the band that made me want to play the saxaphone in the 5th grade in Mountlake Terrace, WA(1966)...I sounded like sh*t the whole year,,,my mom took the sax back, and the guy in the music store asked Mom how I was doing..my mom said not so well...and he says.."I can see why, the keys are locked shut for the shipping..." So I got the Sax the rest of the school year free, and still sounded like sh*t..LOL! I use these charts to look up the artists on youtube and see if they have any videos posted - thanks for posting these KISN charts!

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