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November 10, 2016


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I wonder what that VW Panel Van would be worth today that is going head to head with the Rose City Mack! If the VW still exists. You still see VW Bus's and Camper's, But Van's? I really can't recall when I last saw one or even a flatbed with the flip-up sides. I think LaRogs should buy the building and return it to it's former glory as the worlds largest and best Global Jewelry Marketer/Distributor "in the World"! I really think the charismatic and driven Mr Stump could be the guy to pull it off! DAVE! "Let's Make Portland Great Again"!! You could the put KISN's "window on the world" in the corner of SW 6th and Morrison!!

Since we are offering suggestions. Have Nordstom take it over and at least give it a personality. Move the Rack into the old DD Disount/Ross/Newberry's spot and then create the James Beard project in the old Nordstom location on Broadway. Every living room (Pioneer Square) should have a kitchen close.

Knowing this city they will turn it into a homeless shelter.

You really can't blame Macy. If M&F hadn't sold, it'd be operating the downtown store at a huge loss and would, likewise, be closing up shop. It's the state of downtown. Why go there anymore?

You can't make it down the sidewalk without having to avoid the campers. Those that aren't sleeping will panhandle you and they aren't satisfied with spare change anymore. They want greenbacks, preferably with a number other than one in the corners.

Does this mean Dave won't put a Government Grant together to obtain the new KISN building?

Wonder if they are selling the 13th floor. The display shop was there when I worked at Murphy & Finnigans in the early 60's

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