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December 31, 2016


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He speaks the truth... the libtard loony left ha e completely lost their collective minds over the Donald being elected. The best part is that the libtards can't do one thing about it!!!! It is fun to watch them lose it. LMAO!!!

see people its not that bad! we made it through 8 years of Obama just barely, and we will make it through 8 years of trump! so now, read and understand his message this new years eve, and be safe!

He will never make the 2 year mark. Man is pure poison.

ron, that's what people said about Obama in 2008! and look what happened!

Obama was and is sane.

Eight years? You're dreaming john. At best he'll make it to January of 2019 when he will be impeached by the democrat Congress which will be elected because Americans will overwhelmingly be pissed at don the con.

well, like we said 8 years ago, we will see what we will see, all I can say is it cant get worse, only better!

lol @joel, the democratic party is finished!

hey joel..... I will take that bet!

I will take bets for lunch at the restaurant of your choice that Don the Con doesn't make it one term.Who's on?

ok, barring a moron liberal with a gun! count me in sir!

john, don't discount a dude with a gun.

I will and I do, and I stand by my post, unless they pull a kennedys, trump will serve for 8 years!

Johnny boy will be buying Mr Stump lunch at City Grill.,

nope sorry paul! not going to happen!

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