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January 31, 2017


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Until I read this story, I assumed Truman was well liked. I guess the razor close election proves what the columnist wrote in 1948.

Possibly Mr Truman's honesty, "give em hell, Harry" attitude, was a bit much for the people of the day. I have grown up hearing he took little s$#t from ppl, spoke his mind, and thought his daughter a wonderful singer. He was, there, a daddy. Dad was from the same area, and lot of the same bluntness. I like the man.

It is said that when he left office he and his wife got in their car and drove home. Later, when offered a job from a large corporation, he suggested that they wanted to hire the office, not him, and that the office was not for sale.

I didn't notice the article so much as the author. Barnett Nover was an independent DC journalist who wrote for several papers around the country. When he died, his widow, Naomi, took over the Nover News Service. Only thing was: she wrote no articles, took pictures with a first-generation Kodak Brownie camera and was a general pain in the ass to every other reporter at the White House. But she had enough money to afford to travel on press trips (the press paid for charter planes and everything else on those trips, BTW). This lasted until the mid 90's when she died. I was on the receiving end of a couple of lectures from Naomi -- all 4'9" of her.

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