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February 25, 2017


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God!.. You liberals slay me! Me... I wanna change the world too!.. I wanna make it WORSE!

I trust this story will be remembered when she runs for re-election.

She was just re-elected curojo.

As someone who doesn't pay taxes in the City of Portland, this is no sweat off my back. But, I do wonder why it's necessary to fly to Arizona to attend a seminar put on by a Portland-based consultant? Why couldn't they do it, say, in one of the myriad conference rooms at City Hall or the Portland Building?

It's amazing how when people get elected they seem to think that they're only spending tax dollars. It's kind of like don the con at CPAC where he talked about all of the money he plans to spend.

Well, her we go, idiots yelling liberal again.. how about honesty, FREAKIN POLITICOS!!! She wants to fk off, pay out of pocket! We certainly pay your asses more than enough!!!

It takes just a story like this for the sexist knives to come out, implying that she arranged this event because she is a woman.. Fritz is a highly capable public servant. tempest in a tea pot. she will be re elected, she cares for the people of this city.

Gent, like I said, it makes little difference to me and her gender makes no difference either. But, I do question spending thousands of taxpayer dollars to hold a seminar in Arizona. This is made even more true considering that the seminar is being conducted by a Portland-based consultant.

It has nothing to do with "caring" for the people of the city. It has to do with wasting taxpayer dollars. Do you recall the events of a month ago when the city was forced to spend millions of non-budgeted dollars on snow removal? I'd suggest that the city needs to be saving every tax dollar possible.

By the way, I noticed no one criticizing her for her gender. Fritz is basically what the voters of the city ask for when they vote in idealogues.

Amanda should pay for this with her 1.6 million dollar windfall from ODOT. She just said "if you'd finished that barrier on time my husband would not be dead" and they rolled over without her even filing suit! Talk about elitists! Do you think an average citizen could pull that off?

She also wants her future elections to be publicly paid again as well.

Joel, I realize she was just re-elected recently. I merely was making the point in anticipation of her next election bid. After all, where is she going to find another job that pays as well in the private sector?

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