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February 17, 2017


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awesome photo mr. stump! a few of these guys came back for the 1965 season, my first year watching them, and lou Pinellas first year in AAA ball! all this now gone for a foreign boring so called sport where nobody ever wins! cue the haters in 5,4,3,2,1

john, the Beavers are gone. They have been gone since 2010. The best you are going to do is the Hops. Since 2010 there has been no interest in placing any ball club in Portland.

Numerous sites were proposed and none of them came to anything, not Lents, not Beaverton, not even Vancouver. Hillsboro, however, has a very successful single-A team.

The Timbers have been, on the other hand, a very successful team. They pack Civic Stadium for every game. People stand for hours in the rain to get tickets.

You don't have to like it, but for crap's sake quit whining. Either support the Hops or give it up.

joel didn't take too long I see? lol! I do like the hops! but they are 40 miles away and its short season single A ball, but they charge AAA prices! I wont go into the details about the difference, (look it up) that said, you couldn't pay me to sit through a boring soccer game were most of the time nobody wins or scores! its not and never will be Americas pastime! next?

We also have the "Portland Pickles" who play at Lents Park. Exciting to watch and never a "dill moment". LaRog Bros is an advertiser!

john, your characterizations of anyone who opposes you as a hater is a typical trumpism. You, as a trumpturd, have no idea of how to define hate. In fact, the greatest spewer of hatred today is none other than your hero don the con.

joel has a new twist here I see, instead of staying on topic, (the beavers) he chooses to go with the main stream (fake news) and he is still filled with hate because his so called candidate lost! I suggest stocking up on binkys! your gonna neeed em for the next 8 years!

john, there is a specific cause and effect here regarding your beloved team. i thought that you were an advocate going back years and years. John, you were still running around in diapers when i attended my first Beaver game at Lucky Beaver Stadium. those were the teams best years and John, you missed them by a long shot,
too bad so sad, so dont represent yourself as an expert on the tired old minor league team that Portland never supported. thats why they're gone, John! as far as your calling out Joel's posts "fake news"Hope you enjoy your weekly meetings with Lance of the ignoramus assholes club that voted for this Moron.

ug, lucky beaver stadium? they only played in two parks, Vaughn street and what was last known as pge park! almost everytime mr. stump posts anything about the beavers, it brings out all you soccer loving nuts! I regret not being born a few years earlier as I just missed the Vaughn street park! but you cant really blame ME for that? or can you?

john, if you're going to be such a Beaver booster then you should really get on with your history. Vaughn Street -- "Lucky Beaver Stadium" -- wasn't built until 1912 (It wasn't dubbed Lucky Beaver Stadium until 1943). As you yourself have tried to claim the Beavers were established in 1903. Are you suggesting that the "Beavers" played in empty fields and lots before Vaughn Street?

By the way, the Beavers were plagued with low attendance for the last 40 years they existed. In fact, there were 11 seasons when the Beavers didn't even exist. In that time, Class-A ball was played at Civic Stadium. Remember the five-season Mavericks (1973-1977) and the six-season Rockies (1995-2000). In 1994, Portland had no team at all.

See, I'm a better Portland baseball historian than you, who choose to whine about a ball club that no one was interested in going to see. Next time, we'll get into why the Beavers can't trace their beginnings to 1903 and other Portland teams such as The Pippins, The Ducks, The Rosebuds and the baseball Portland Buckeroos. Stay tuned.

joel,those dates were 1902-1903, don't want to daze and confuse john any more than he is already

Portland Beavers

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Portland Beavers
(1903–1917, 1919–1972, 1978–1993, 2001–2010)
Portland, Oregon

PortlandBeaversLogo2008.png Portlandbeaverscap2008.PNG
Team logo Cap insignia



Triple-A (1946–1951, 1958–1972,
1978–1993, 2001–2010)
Class B (1902, 1918)
Independent (1903)
Class A (1904–1911)
Double-A (now Triple-A)
(1912–1917, 1919–1945)
Open (1952–1957)

Minor league affiliations

Pacific Coast League (1903–1917,
1919–1972, 1978–1993, 2001–2010)

Pacific Conference

North Division

Major league affiliations


San Diego Padres (2001–2010)
Minnesota Twins (1987–1993)
Philadelphia Phillies (1983–1986)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1979–1982)
Cleveland Indians (1972, 1978)
Minnesota Twins (1971)
Milwaukee Brewers (1970)
Cleveland Indians (1964–1969)
Kansas City Athletics (1962–1963)
St. Louis Cardinals (1961)
Kansas City Athletics (1959)
Chicago Cubs (1957–1958)
Brooklyn Dodgers (1956)
Detroit Tigers (1935)
Philadelphia Athletics (1925–1932)
Cleveland Indians (unofficial)

Minor league titles

League titles
1901, 1906, 1910, 1911, 1913, 1914, 1936, 1945, 1983

Division titles
1965, 1983, 1993, 2004

Team data

Previous names

Portland Beavers
Portland Ducks (1929)
Portland Buckaroos (1918)
Portland Giants (1905)
Portland Browns (1903–1904)
Portland Webfoots (1902–1903)

Previous parks

PGE Park (1956–2010)
Vaughn Street Park (1901–1955)

The Portland Beavers was the name of separate minor league baseball teams, which represented Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Coast League (PCL). The team was established in 1903, the first year of the PCL. The most recent form of the Beavers left after the 2010 season
according to Wikipedia ........
all the printed scorebooks and programs say the beavers were established in 1903! in 1987 they had a large promo about it being their 75th year! math is hard for you?

joel, and yes I remember the rockies and the mavericks! both short season single A ball, same league as the hillsboro hops are in now! technically they were the lowest level of pro baseball, and were quite entertaining to watch, however as a true baseball fan, it was easy to see they were not in the AAA level of play as the Portland beavers were. though I expect some players did move up a level or 2.

ok John, now that you have displayed a certain amount of creative research, stop your whining or whine about more important issues like starving babies in Africa. you whine just like your mancrush slump,who you have helped become a pseudo occupant of the white house. his existence in the political arena is coming to an end, due to his criminal activity against this country. two things to remember john,
1: Impeachment, 2: the 25th Amendment, which you will have to google or wikipedia up on because most of his supporters have been proven to have never read the constitution, and if they have tried, fail to comprehend its meaning and its purpose. they also dont read very well, like their mancrush.

ug, I had hoped for 8 years the clown would be impeached, and as for starving babies in Africa? we have starving babies right here in America!

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