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February 28, 2017


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I've known Greg for almost 40 years and you may be able to cherry-pick a couple of things that bother you about him, but I can tell you that he is -- by far -- the best serving member of the seven representatives Oregon sends to Congress.

If you want to criticize someone for longevity in Congress, how about DeFazio. He's been warning a seat on the back bench for more than 30 years. Worse is Ron Wyden who has been in Congress for more than 38 years, the last 21 in the US Senate. Even Blumenauer has been in DC longer than Greg. They all have their problems.

I 'll also remind you that if it weren't for Greg, Oregon would have seven demoncrats in Congress, and that would be a tragedy.

Was good. Shit now.

Plus, unless you have recently moved Mr. Stump, you are not his constituent.

Check out his Facebook. One complaint after another concerning robot phones, never a call back (including me) his vote on allowing coal dust and toxins back in our waterways, protecting that thug from releasing his taxes and much more. Big one is him refusing town halls. A career political hack with plenty of family dough to return to. No I'm not in his district, but a lifetime Oregonian. His decisons effect me as much as a person living in Medford.

Stump..... You are a clueless libtard. Stick to what you know, like posts about Yaws, KISN, etc...

He was very good at holding John Boehner's coat....

Two year olds dig out the libtard bs, zippy. But then, that seems to be advanced for you. Intelligent people get really sick of 'HAS to be either this party or that party' stupidity. Both parties suck harder than a thick shake up a straw, and need to be replaced. Along with politicos.

Having been a reporter that covered Walden for years and being a member of the Oregon Association of Broadcasters group lobbying him on broadcast issues, I speak from experience: when he was elected Walden was a moderate Republican who would work with Democrats to get the best legislation passed. Now he is F'ckface Von Clownstick's and Paul Ryan's lap dog who will do whatever the fuck the assholes in the administration want. He is helping those idiots fuck over our country.

Wheres Waldo Walden? Not at any Town Halls to face the suckers who put him there. He's a rich prick that could care less about a middle class Oregonian ready to lose their health care.

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