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March 25, 2017


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Those boulders are actually fine art purchased for this project that lost millions.

If it's worth $8 million then those "Balls" must have cost $50 Million as a guess.
I believe it's the people in majority that keep voting the city leaders in. No one to my knowledge ever organized a coup and took over time and again. Or even just once.
Take a look at the populates that do not want anything to change. I believe they even advertise a slogan to that effect. And things are that way and staying that way for now.

democrats are close to 70 percent of City of Portland voters and hold a 20 percent lead over Republicans in Multnomah County. Who's to blame for government's idiocy for the past 14+ years? It seems to me the democrats keep voting in the people who do things like building and leaving empty the Wapato Jail. Or holding consulting sessions in Arizona resorts conducted by Portland-based companies.

Should keep it and use it as a homeless shelter for women, charging a portion of the welfare, social security, SSI, SSDI, etc, and food stamps they get. More Repuklicant bs, at its finest. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Of course, we can always put Tantrum Twitler, family, and cronies, tgere, and feed em once a week. No escape.

Only our local "progressives" could possibly loose 80% of the purchase price of real estate in the last 15 years. let me guess... Homer Williams will by it from the county for a dollar...then lease it to the City for $ 100,000/month if he gets a few million in tax credits.

Republiccant BS, Jann? Don't pay much attention to government, huh? The dimbulbs have controlled Multnomah County's government for as long as I can remember,

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