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March 30, 2017


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You'd think that KGW was big enough not to have published its surveys on a mimeograph machine. At least they should have had someone do the typing who knew how to make things line up correctly.

I remember my dad had the 45 of "mr custer" we heard it a lot! along with Ahab the arab and anything by yogi yorgesson

joel I know this was way before you were born so you wouldn't know, in 1960 kisn was the preferred station and kgw was just a little up and coming radio station in the Portland market so they did what they could! lol!

john, I'll put my knowledge of Portland broadcasting history above yours any day of the week. So you know, KGW in 1960 was making a run at KISN. And it was owned by a company that made Star Stations look tiny by comparison. You may have heard of KGW-TV, and the KING properties in Seattle. Upstart? Not quite. KGW-AM had been arpund for almost 40 years at the time.

You see, the Dorothy Bullit owned operation was much larger than Don Burden's amalgam of radio stations. So, KGW had the juice to put out its surveys other than using a mimeograph machine.

Also, I began my radio career in Portland just a few years later. That's a career, something you never had. Really john, I'd think that eventually you'd learn not to even attempt to spar with me.

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