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April 18, 2017


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Biggest liar in The White House since Nixon. Bigger than Nixon.

don the con is making obama look totally transparent by comparison. And it isn't just his taxes. Don't forget the donnie's decision to slam the cover shut on the White House visitor log, even though he'd demanded that obama make the visitor log totally open to inspection.

So, dumb donnie is preparing to conduct a massive rewrite of the federal income tax law, but he refuses to show his tax forms. How's anyone to know how many benefits dumb donnie will get from his tax law changes if he isn't willing to show his forms.

And now, on a related note, dumb donnie is sending a great big "ATTABOY" to Turkish president Erdoğan for accomplishing what he wants badly in stealing an election to give him ultimate rule of Turkey. Of course, that's what dumb donnie wants the US people to give him.

Wonder if this slime would know the truth if it bit him on the..., uh, behind?

I guess the above libtards missed Maddow and her "big reveal" of The Donalds tax return where it showed that he paid more in taxes than Sanders, Johnson, Obama, and Clintoon... The election is over, he won, the economy is greatly improving, GET OVER IT!!!

no paul moller that would have been Obama, and unlike Obama Nixon ended the war in Vietnam, while Obama just started more of them!

Those taxes were leaked by him! Wake up. If he is ever pushed by suponea he will resign before those get released. Economy is actually starting to sputter, ask any car dealer. Lance believes the greatest con man ever in history.

no jerry that was Obama, the greatest con man ever....and he fooled millions! twice!

john and lance, tell us please, what is it you like about a lying POS?

lance, you better take another look at the economy. 98,000 jobs added in March. Really? What is better about the economy? Just one thing, tell us just one thing. Tell us one thing that is better since don the con became president. You can't do it because there hasn't been a thing the loser has improved.

And john, dumb donnie is a filthy liar. You just can't grasp that all of those things he promised you to get you to vote for him were shams. deplorable donnie said he would accomplish more than two dozen things in his first 100 days.

With 89 of those first 100 days gone, his stupidity has accomplished all of six...among them the appointment of a conservative to replace a conservative Supreme Court Justice and withdrawal from the dead TPP. 15 he has done nothing about and, of course, he has done a 180 on naming China a currency manipulator and dealing with China's myriad violations of international law.

And, in fact, the donnie hasn't passed a single piece of legislation (and with the Congress on Easter recess, he won't pass anything). obama passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle gave GW Bush high marks for driving his agenda. Clinton passed 24 bills, HW Bush 18 and Reagan nine.

Then there's the public opinion of the various presidents. Unless he does something truly outstanding, dumb donnie will have the lowest first 100 days approval ratings of any modern president. His disapproval rating has climbed steadily since his coronation (That would be the ceremony with the record small crowd).

So, what we have is a president who lies a lot, has done very little and isn't well thought of by the American people. But he did fool you clowns into thinking he was the real deal.

Joel.... Consumer Confidence is way up, People collecting unemployment benefits is at its lowest number in 17 years, stock market is way up, approval rating over 50 percent..... need I go on....

Yeah Lance, you can thank Obama. Go back to Jan 09 when he took the oath, we had massive unemployment, two horrible idiotic wars, trillions of wealth lost. Thanks Obama for being our modern day FDR without a new war to save our bacon.

The increase in the stock market is more a sign of what's wrong with the economy, just as it was when it increased by record numbers during the obama administration. Again, as was the case when obama was president, the unemployment rate doesn't reflect the state of the economy. It's funny how the unemployment rate was a sham up until January 20.

As for dumb donnie's approval rate, it isn't at 50 percent in any survey and the RCP approval average is 42.5 percent today (4/20/17). Even the roundly discredited right-wing rasmussen report has donnie two points underwater with an approval rating of 49 percent.

Again, jobs added in March were only 98,000. 250,000 new jobs are needed every month just to keep pace with the job market. Remember how don the con claimed he was going to add jobs.

lance: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.

Get over it LIBTARDS...... I see a landslide re-election in 2020!!!

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