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April 20, 2017


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too bad, they are all but gone these days, was a part of my youth! now days they show us junk movies at outrageous prices in crappy little theaters I stopped going to movies years ago! just not worth it anymore!

My girlfriend and I used to be regulars at the 104th Street and occasionally at the 82nd Street. Back in the day, there were drive-in theaters all over SE Portland. We'd usually watch the main feature and then get busy during the second movie.

I remember one winter night at the 104th. It was snowing (Remember those things you could buy that were supposed to keep the rain or snow off the windshield) and the girlfriend was drinking a pint of sloe gin. She opened the car door and puked a huge purple stain on the bright, white snow.

Those were the days.

joel, my wife, though not at the time had a similar experience with sloe gin, only it was on the living room carpet. she has not had any slo gin for more than 40 years!

Joel....I`m a little cornfused....what does "get busy" mean? Thanks in a advance

Use your imagination Lee. Do you know what kids -- kids who lived with their parents -- did in cars in dark places?

I could never stand sloe gin, john. I always thought it tasted like low-quality cough syrup.

I still have an occasional singapore sling today, it has more than just sloe gin. lol!

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