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April 19, 2017


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don the con paid twice as much for his crime (drumpf university) as what o'reilly paid for his. Therefore, I nominate dumb donnie to be the next to be given his walking papers.

joel, you will have to wait 8 more years for that #snowflake

Joel is as delusional about President Trump as john is about Portland Beaver Baseball attendance and profitability.....

Sexy? HELL NO. Sex Fiend? TOTALLY!

john, you're going to be whining as much about dumb donnie as you whine about the Beavers. Even if donnie makes it a full four years (highly unlikely), in 2020 he won't have the luxury of running against crooked hillary. The Ds are already vetting candidates and in 2020 they'll run a candidate who's in line for canonization.

A total ass. But watch the Donald give him a cabinet post...

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