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April 30, 2017


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As newspapers go, The Reporter wasn't one.

Subscribing to The Reporter was kind of like voting for grifter donnie.

Oppose The Oregonian and The Journal by subscribing to The Reporter.

Oppose the hillary by voting for dumb donnie.

What's the Kitzhaber story about anyone know? Can't be about John he would have been in High School.

Joel is triggered again.... LOL!!!

You mean they ARE NOT on strike NOW?

lance is full of sh/t again.

now now boy! play nice or its a time out for both of you!

john, lance doesn't know how to play nice. About all he knows is trolling.

Joel gets his panties in a twist when I call her out on her BS...

lance wouldn't know BS if it stepped in it.

ok, so Joel is a woman?

You use the screen name pinky. I think we know who is the woman.

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