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June 13, 2017


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Hell NO

He handed The Senator from New York's Ron Wyden's ass to him.

beauregard came up with a new way of dealing with questions he couldn't or wouldn't answer, he just preemptively asserted don the con's executive privilege...you know, just in case dumb donnie wants to use it, jeffy made sure he didn't abuse it.

beaau apparently thinks he's grifter donnie's attorney when he's actually an employee of the people of the United States. But donnie thinks so too. Buffoons.

What is it about that smirk he usually has on his face?

If there is a cancer growing on this presidency, this guy is the scab.

Tell me libtards.... How has Trump affected your day to day life??? Does he influence your decision at a grocery store, restaurant, daily work, what you see at a movie theater, ballgames??? The way you libtards act its as if all of your choices, liberties and Constitutional rights have been taken away. Your day to day life is no different than when the Community Organizer Barry "Obama" Soetero was in office.......

Lance...Let's start with him being a crook all his life, a taker, a swindler. Now that he is in, nothing but daily conflict and anger, stupid 8th grade level tweeting, his case against the media that if it's not on FOX & FRIENDS it's fake. His handling of the Comey affair, heads of state, insults, threats, the air and water we count on for future generations, sending thousands back to a war that can't be won, two attempts at a religious ban, health care fiasco which is criminal. After celebrating his big house win, now he says it's MEAN, not divesting himself from his business. This guy is a total nightmare. WE should have known when he mocked the handicapped reporter. Should have been a big RED LIGHT. Yes I would take Clinton anyday over this Putin Kiss ass....Let's not leave out Flynn, Manafort, Page and the creepy son in law.

Again.... how does this affect your everyday life??? Trump doesn't...

Health Care doesn't effect our lives? The water and air we consume, the kids we send to a 16 year war that will never be won, YES 16 years. Travel bans do not effect business? Ask Apple and Microsoft. A big tax cut for the ultra wealthy, now were talking.

Health Care - Obama
Military conflict - Bush - Obama
Travel ban is temporary once in place. Are you banned from travelling?
Paris climate accord - its a joke.

Again, none of those "issues" affect your day to day life.

Tell us lance, how does a bank robbery effect you? How about a murder? A rape? I doubt any of these crimes effects you personally, but we still don't want them as part of our society. The same goes for don the con. He's a crook and anyone who supports him is soft on crime, you putz.

Health care doesn't affect us? Are you kidding? And don the con even thinks his health care plan is mean. Pathetic.

Do you pay taxes? I do and that means I pay for our overseas adventures. dumb donnie wants to increase the amount we pay for the military by ten percent. Pitiful.

And I don't know what air you're breathing but I don't particularly care to breathe sepia-tinted air thanks to dumb donnie increasing coal burning. Distressing.

What's worse is that clowns like you voted to make him the most powerful man in the world and he's doing a really sh/tty job of it.


My health care plan was great before the great black hope destroyed it with Obamacare. My premiums/deductible/ have nearly tripled due to it.

Of course I pay more in taxes than you do Joel, which is due to the success of my business. I am happy for those dollars to go to the security of our Country.

Can you tell me where coal is burning near Oregon??? You can't.

Of course non of the resident libtards could actually answer the question.

What is your business Lance?

Actually lance, yes I can show you where coal is burning in Oregon. Here's a map.

The Boardman Coal-Fired Generator is responsible for two-thirds of the Sulphur Dioxide in Oregon's air and seven percent of the carbon dioxide.

Now, don't you feel stupid, douchebag?

Also, I know that you have no business. You're just an angry old white guy who thinks that dumb donnie is the answer to all of our problems. But the fact is that don the con has no answers. You may have noticed he has been in office for five months now and has accomplished precislely nothing.

Like to voice my 5 cents. It is a gift that we have The Washington Post, New York Times and Politico to expose this fraud of a President and his dangerous actions. He will tell the base it's fake news. It has all been accurate. Imagine this train wreck without the watch dogs and leakers?

Dano... My business is in the service industry and I have 63 employees, along with real estate development. By the grace of God my company is being acqiured by another in the same industry who will keep all of my staff and write me a high 7 figure check to ride off into the sunset....

What is the name of your business?

J. Dark.... That is none of your concern.

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