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August 20, 2017


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Joel aka Jill will soon chime in and tell everyone how terrible of a comedian Jerry Lewis was. Those that disagree with him will be labeled neo-nazi sympathizers, a racist and a Trump supporter.... Urban Gent aka Urban Slob will be right behind Joel/Jill to parrot...

he was the king,my he rest in peace,love you jerry.God bless you.

Dave, let's get rid of this piece of horseshit. What do you say? You banned chuckie for much less. This trolling piece of crap does nothing for your website.

I imagine the show tonight back together with dean, in heaven is sold out? r.i.p mr lewis!

Even as a pre-teen, never cared much for Mr. Lewis' brand of comedy, thinking it was one or two steps below juvenile. He did contribute much to humanity, however, with his longtime support and millions of research dollars raised for children's muscular dystrophy through his telethons. RIP Mr. Lewis.

Jerry Lewis was not a nice person. He was one of the rudest celebrities to fans and reporters. I don't know a reporter that got through an interview with him. On a technical note, he invented the pre-look device used for directors/motion pictures to this day.

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